Emergency Management

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Emergency Plan Sand Table

Providing users with a global perspective to coordinate and review emergency management plans, command and rescue operations with multiple units and departments, and analyze gains and losses after the occurrence of accidents.


Critical facilities handling hazardous materials lack the capability to dynamically predict, monitor, analyze and evaluate disaster scenarios during the design,operation, disaster occurrence, and post-disaster stages. When a disaster occurs, experienced commanders are needed to make decisions based on the situation at the scene, while inexperienced commanders rely on selecting emergency plans to direct the scene.


After obtaining the model of the hazardous facility, it can be deployed on the emergency command sandbox. By setting the disaster type and modifying external factors, the development trend of the disaster can be affected, simulated and controlled based on our self-developed mechanism model and AI algorithm. The system also has the function of recording and analyzing the disaster and emergency rescue operations for further analysis and review.

What Have We Brought

This system can help commanders not only understand the situation on the spot with a multi -angle, but also start from the initial stage of the design to help the commander deduct the changeable disaster and record and recommend the optimal solution to facilitate the transfer of command and multi -party coordination.

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