Digital Twin

Buiding a virtual world to help you enjoy what the Metaverse brings huge bonus.

Remote Operation / Environmental Simulation


How to understand the real-time operating conditions of equipment from thousands of miles away? How to verify the impact and service life of products under future real-world operating environments during the research and development phase? How to break the constraints of time, space, and environment in product development in the physical world?


By using multi-sensor data fusion and 5G communication technology, the working environment can be generated in real-time. Operators can control the equipment through a simulated environment and send remote control signals to complete the work. With the addition of AI algorithms, operators can receive analysis and suggestions or complete tasks on their own. On the other hand, through virtual simulation technology and mechanism models, users can edit various working environments and accelerate time, achieving experimental effects that are almost as realistic as in the actual environment.

What Have We Brought

Digital twin technology can not only monitor the usage status in real-time, predict equipment failures, and enable remote and self-service operations, but also effectively shorten the product development cycle, reduce experimental and operational costs, and decrease research and development and operational risks.

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