Digital Education

Buiding a virtual world to help you enjoy what the Metaverse brings huge bonus.

Virtual simulation internship center.

Implementing the educational concept of "integration of industry and education", the real factory production processes, operation management and work are presented on campus through XR technology and partially real equipment. Students can complete cutting-edge industry production and management internships without leaving the campus. Meanwhile, students can experience the entire production process and multi-job contents under the guidance of teachers on campus and industry experts off campus.


In the teaching process of higher education, there exists an insurmountable gap between theory and practice. How can students from multiple departments experience key equipment operation, engineering design, work environment, production processes, and factory operations in a realistic industrial production environment within the campus?


By partnering with multiple well-known domestic companies, we provide a set of virtual and simulated internship center solutions based on metaverse technology, combined with real production, operational management, and data to higher education institutions. It mainly covers industries such as integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, new energy, 3C, and automobile manufacturing.

What Have We Brought

Students and teachers from different departments can simultaneously use the virtual internship center according to their respective teaching content and goals, to understand the real production process and problems. At the same time, they can communicate with industry experts online, and combine the metaverse factory to connect what they have learned with real work scenarios.

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