Emergency Management

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Hazard Prediction and Simulation

Through environmental models and sensors, major high-risk equipment in the scene can be monitored in real time; after accidents or disasters occur, trend analysis of the development of the situation can be carried out through mechanism models, allowing for proficient emergency management.


Safety assessment and regulation are crucial in every step of the production, transportation, and storage of hazardous materials. However, existing disaster predictions are static and based on empirical results, making it impossible to dynamically estimate the potential disaster impact during the design stage and when a disaster occurs.


We collaborate with multiple domestic and foreign research institutions, possessing mechanism models of explosions, combustion, and smoke of different dangerous goods. At the same time, we integrate meteorological sensor data and use AI algorithms to simulate and deduce the disaster situation in real-time.

What Have We Brought

The application of this technology can help designers to fully analyze the harm of surrounding facilities when the explosion occurs; in the stage of disaster, it can also help emergency commanders to understand the dynamics and development trends in real time, and propose a response strategy in advance essence.

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