Digital Twin

Buiding a virtual world to help you enjoy what the Metaverse brings huge bonus.

Smart Factory / Smart Campus


With the gradual maturation and improvement of IoT technology, property owners' requirements for asset management level are also gradually increasing. How to achieve requirements such as data visualization, low energy consumption operation, improved security level, and reduced equipment failure rate? Digitization, visualization, and intelligence are the development trends of future asset management.


By utilizing industrial communication protocols, intelligent devices and sensors collect, analyze, and integrate data, which is then associated with data models to build digital assets. Additionally, AI algorithms are used to manage and control these digital assets, enabling data twinning and intelligent management.

What Have We Brought

As an asset manager, it is possible to provide professional analysis and management reports by monitoring the use and management of assets remotely through different terminals. At the same time, this reduces energy consumption, personnel requirements, and equipment failure rates; and improves asset security and management level.

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