Digital Education

Buiding a virtual world to help you enjoy what the Metaverse brings huge bonus.

Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Platform

Integrating the personalized and social concept of metaverse into the education platform, students interact with teachers and business professionals in virtual classrooms, factories, and conference rooms through remote means, sharing knowledge points applied in actual production.


Different schools, different subjects, and different teachers may have similar or the same virtual simulation experiments as educational assets and resources. However, due to information asymmetry or a lack of sharing, these virtual simulation experiments are often unable to be efficiently utilized and become isolated resources.


By organizing, categorizing, and optimizing various virtual and simulated experiments scattered among different teachers, departments, and schools, education resources can be opened up, shared, and used for compensation through a unified platform. This not only increases the utilization of educational assets and teaching effectiveness but also generates revenue from educational resources.

What Have We Brought

The virtual simulation experimental teaching platform is a display, management, and service platform provided to the society and teaching management departments. By effectively integrating and optimizing discrete educational assets, it can effectively improve asset utilization and teaching effectiveness. In addition, other virtual simulation experiments can be used for a fee on the platform, saving experimental expenses and planning future teaching system construction reasonably.

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