Digital Education

Buiding a virtual world to help you enjoy what the Metaverse brings huge bonus.

Virtual Imitation Experiment

By using virtual simulation technology and mechanism modeling technology, the experiment process and results in the real world, which are high-investment, high-difficulty, high-risk and difficult to implement, observe, and reproduce, can be almost realistically presented in the virtual world. At the same time, the students' experiment operation, process, results, and other dimensions can be quantitatively measured.


Abstract learning content, risky experiments, expensive equipment, high experimental costs, and insufficient equipment for many students are all difficulties brought by traditional experimental methods to teaching. Virtual and simulated experiments can help solve these problems.


By using VR technology, MR technology, and mechanism models, we can present the process and results of experiments in a nearly real way, and quickly stop incorrect operations. A graphic computer, a VR headset, or a set of MR devices can meet all the needs of virtual simulation experiments.

What Have We Brought

Low cost, low risk, and higher asset utilization have solved many concerns of schools and teachers and broken the constraints of experiments in the physical world. It allows students to master the teaching content in a "fun, interesting, and real" learning environment. At the same time, it can quantitatively manage the experiment operation, process, results, and other dimensions, and integrate with the educational administration system.

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